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Updated Working Bikes in the Gallery

#81 - Stinus Bertelsen's
Bilenky Cargo Bike

- Updated 10/08

#47 - Carl Kamenzind's
Swiss Condor MO-05

- Updated 2/08

#80 - Beth Hamon's
Single Wheel Trailer

- Updated 2/08


Dock Porter on MackinawPhotos of the Dock Porters

Jeff over at paddled up to Mackinaw Island and shares a pretty impressive array of serious Working Bikes - check out his "first ever" story on the Dock Porters of Mackinaw Island here.


Quick Release Hook for saddlebagsSaddlebag Quick-Release Hook Hack

Over on RoadBikeReview, DrRoebuck shared this little mod, which shows how to add a couple of hooks to your saddlebag - a nice, clean bit o' work which lets you easily remove your saddle mounted bag - great for Carradice or Baggins, Nigel Smythe and others.

- New Practical Hardware -

Alex/Alistair's Porteur Rack Add-On
Alex's Porteur Add-On Rack Design
Alex Wetmore envisions an add-on Porteur conversion rack system for his Nitto M-12 - a little planning, a fair amount of brazing and it becomes a reality. Built by Alistair Spence for his Kogswell P/R. Check out his photos here.

Homebrew Lighting Project

Master of the Useful Hack, JimG solders up some strong & efficient LED lighting. You might want to put on your sunglasses... Photos here.

Ken P. & D. TapeKent Peterson Creates Duct Tape Panniers
(If you haven't run across Ken's writings, ride reports or accomplishments, it's time to do so.)

Ken repurposes some dog food containers, creates lids and attachment systems and neatly documents it here.

Thrifty and practical solution, completely free of heel-strike.

- New Practical Software -

Bike Mapping / Route Mapping Links

Route Slip


Gmap (more hiking oriented)

Online Reference Software
Nice selection of online calulation tools

Kogswell's Rake & Trail Calculator

JimG's CX Fork Trail Analysis

Bike Geometry Project Spreadsheets

- In the Repair Lair...-

of the

Disaster Response

Please take a moment to visit the Noah's Wish website - this is an organization which focuses upon animal recovery and rescue during disasters. Obviously, giving to the Red Cross or other relief organizations is important, but the issues of animals and pets during such disasters often gets overlooked.

Noah's Wish Animal Disaster Rescue & Recovery
Noah's Wish
Animal Disaster Rescue & Recovery

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Working Bicycles & Practical Hardware

This section of the site is to glorify those hard-working bicycles designed for toting, towing, delivering or selling stuff.

I'd like to also expand this section to include fenders, racks, trailer designs and related subects. You have a front rack, low-wheel bike with an XtraCycle towing a Burley? Well, that I'd really like to see!

Submission guidelines page

- Send me what you've got! -

#133 - Robert Clark's Brompton
#132 - Lee Chae's Kogswell P/R
#131 - J. Tackett's Trek Loaded Fuel 80
#130 - Daniel Dahlquist's Robin Hood Camping Porteur
#129 - David Beattie's Legnano Rental Bike
#128 - Lane Kagay's CETMA Cargo Bike(s)
#127 - Lane Kagay's CETMA Half Rack
#126 - Michael Gibian's Ritchey Aspen Xtracycle
#125 - Jason's Schwinn Heavy-Duti
#124 - Eric's Indianapolis Trailer Rig

Bicycles Posted in 2009 - Total: 17
#123 - Pashley Delibike pet picture!
#122 - Mike Pott's Wheeler
#121 - Mike Pott's Rivendell Bombadil
#120 - Andy Scaife's Kronan
#119 - Andy Scaife's Tour-de-Suisse Town Bike
#118 - Will Donovan's Gary Fisher Tassajara Winter Bike
#117 - NR G's Recycle Utility Bike
#116 - Zynan Lythgoe's Practical Cycles Longbike
#115 - Rick Paulos' Worksman Tricycle
#114 - Rick Paulos' Project Rwanda Velo Ikawa Longbike
#113 - Jeff Alona's Schwinn Suburban
PH - Andre Ball's Carradice Longflap Quick Release
#112 - Cooper Dragonette's Kogalized
#111 - Krishna Muirhead's Maruishi Tour Ace
#110 - Lane Kagay's CETMA Cargo
#109 - David Mintzer's Seen-in-the-Street Atlas pet picture!
#108 - Patrick Burns' Dutch Style Cargo Bike

Bicycles Submitted in 2008 - Total: 27
#107 - Stinus Bertlesen's "Short John" Cycle Truck
#106 - Eric Nye's Raleight DL-1 Tourist
#105 - Carl Kamenzind's Scrap Hauling Schwinn
#104 - Rick Galezowski's On-The-Road Encounter
#103 -Shaun Miller's Working Bike
#102 - Carl Kamenzind's Plywood Hauling
#101 - Michael Toohey's Chinese Working Bikes
#100 - Lane Kagay's CETMA Cargo - Milestone!
#99 - Magnus' Dahon
#98 - Visiting Bike at CityBikes Portland
#97 - Magnus' Specialized Hardrock
#96 - Nathan Congdon's Hong Kong Commuter
#95 - Beth's Mid-80's CyclePro Xtracycle
#94 - James Black's David White Industries Cycle Truck
#93 - Three Bikes From Lane at CETMA
#92 - Robert Clark's Koga-Miyata WTR
#91 - Thatcher Koch's Bridgestone MB-1
#90 - Rick Paulos' Schwinn Town & Country
#89 - Cyclejerk's Giant
#88 - JB's Schwinn Suburban
#87 - 2008 Cargo Bike Ride - "Easter Peace"
#86 - 2008 Cargo Bike Ride Front-Loaders
#85 - Carl Kamenzind's 2008 Cargo Bike Ride Photos
#84 - Dave MacFarlane's Fuji Grand Tourer

#83 - Carl Kamenzind's NAHBS Working Bikes

#82 - Quinn McLaughlin's Raleigh Hauler
#81 - Stinus Bertelsen's Bilenky Cargo Bike
- Updated 10/08
#80 - Beth Hamon's Single Wheel Trailer
- Updated 2/08

Bicycles Submitted in 2007 - Total: 35
#79 - Elias Grey's Kogswell P/R & Trailer
#78 - Roy Bird's VeloSport Errander
#77 - Phil Randall's Columbia with Trailer
#76 - Phil Strong's Slushy
#75 - Jorge's Work Bike from Israel
#74 - Erick Moser's Large Load
#73 - Carl Kamenzind's Displaced NYC Yellow Cab
#72 - Carl Kamenzind's Swiss Ice CreamVendor
#71 - Carl Kamenzind's Furniture Doctor's Hauler
#70 - Carl Kamenzind's Grocery Delivery Livery
#69 - Stinus Bertelsen's Christiania Haulers
#68 - Mark Greve's Amsterdam Family Bike
#67 - Andrew Conway's Christiana Cargo Trike
#66 - Peter Miskelly's China Oil Hauler
#65 - Mike Tsoi's Schwinn Collegiate
#64 - Frank Fulton's Bakfiet
#63 - Brendan Kehde's Ross Mt. Rainier
#62 - Daniel Wade's EMS Bike
#61 - Milton Wretzky's Schwinn Csepel
#60 - Roxy Erickson's More From China
#59 - C Canter's Grocery Getter
#58 - Tarik Saleh's Deutsch Post Bike
#57 - Patrick Murphy's Free Spirit "Dunelt" 3 spd
#56 - Kevin Berkowitz's Balkan Roadster
#55 - We Mag's Heavy Duty Trailer
#54 - Danny Bui's Trek Porteur
#53 - BB's Goeland Porteur
#52 - BB's Parisian Pizza Porteur
#51 - BB's Curt Goodrich Built Porteur
#50 - Gary Paudler's Deutsche Post Fahrrad
#49 - Carl Kamenzind's Sidecar bicycle
#48 - Carl Kamenzind's Ice Cream Vendor
#47 - Carl Kamenzind's Swiss Condor MO-05
- Updated 2/08
#46 - Nathan's Kogswell P/R
#45 - Sean Cooper's Bridgestone MB-4

Bicycles Submitted in 2006 - Total: 36
#44 - Lane Kagay's CETMA Rack "Models"
#43 - Michael Wise's Kogswell P/R Fixed Gear
#40 - Tarik Saleh's Raleigh Twenty
#39 - Larry Henry's Nishiki
#35 - Leighton Walter's Schwinn Sierra
#33 - Larry Henry's Go-Fer Bikes
#26 - Andy Duvall's Titan Half-Track
#25 - Alistair Spence's Rivendell Porteur
#24 - Tim's Work Bike
#23 - Tim Rangitsch's Wilbury & Dog Trailer pet picture!
#22 - Gary Gossett's SR Work Bike
#21 - Soup Man's Bike - Jamaica
#20 - Fat Tire Festival Delivery Bicycle
#19 - Alistair Spence's Rivendell Longlow Porteur
#18 - Alistair Spence's Univega Porteur
#17 - Alistair Spence's "Preview" Porteur Photos
#16 - Trips for Kids Swap Meet Delivery Bicycle
#15 - Charlie Petry's Western Flyer
#14 - Michael Burns' Friend's Indian Pedi-Cab Photo
#13 - Alistair Spence's Trek Porteur w/ homemade rack
#12 - Noah Gerhard's Bilenky Cargo Bicycle
#11 - Japan Delivery bike from Noah Gellner
#10 - Joe McKishen's Tricycle Troika
#9 - P Lynn Miller's CTA Work Bike

Bicycles Submitted in 2005 - Total: 8
#8 - Forbes Bagatelle-Black's "Frankenbike" hauler
#7 - Toronto Delivery Bike
#6 - Kronan Front Rack detail
#5 - Jet Fuel Coffee's Delivery Bike
#4 - La Poste Delivery Bicycle - Paris
#3 - Parisian Porteur
#2 - Noah Gerhard's Bilenky Cargo (in progress)

#1 - Ashland, OR Delivery Bike

Submit your photos here!  
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Practical Hardware
Decals - Sewing - Lighting - Fenders - Racks - Luggage - Other

Want Your Own Decals?

By Doug Shaker

Doug Shaker used a computer-compatible decal paper for a custom touch on his Centurion Mixte project.

Click here for more info about making custom decals for your bicycle (or other projects.)

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James Black sews up a cycling cap that fits:
(from an iBob List posting)

"Fed up with cycling caps on the market, which are too small and make me look like a pinhead even though my head isn't exactly huge, I took matters into my own hands and made my own. I don't have a sewing machine or know how to sew, but it wasn't that hard -- just took a long time.

I got a very nice 1963-vintage overcoat at the thrift store, and promptly destroyed it. I think it's a cashmere blend or lambswool or something, because it is very soft. I could make several more hats with the fabric -- although I'm sure I won't, because this probably took me 10 hours. I used an old 100% cotton t-shirt for the sweatband liner thing. We'll see if it holds up.

It is four panels. You can see the paper template I used for the panels, and the paper hatmockup I made first which allowed me to test my design -- it was pretty good for predicting what the hat would be like. I used some flexible plastic for the inside of the bill. Yessirree Bob, any of you could take the matter into your own hands and make your own cap!"

James Black
Los Angeles, CA

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Adding a Switch to Lumotec Light:
(from an iBob List posting)

What I did with mine:

1. I got an SPST subminiature toggle switch from Radio Shack.

2. I'm grounding through the frame, so I only have one wire to deal with. If you're running a two wire system, you still need to deal with only one of the wires--make sure it's in the side of the line that connects to the "hot" side of the light.

3. Make sure you have a little extra wire near the headlight. Make a cut in that wire (or in the hot side) and solder the cut ends to the switch. If it's an SPST switch there are only two terminals. If it's an SPDT, solder to one middle terminal and one side terminal.

4. Test your work--spin the wheel and if the light doesn't go on, move the switch lever to the other position. If the light goes on (or if previously it went on and now goes off) you're good.

5. Most light brackets have a slot in the top to allow for compression when the light is fitted. Slide the switch through that slot so that the lever is reachable from the top. I had to enlarge the slot just a little with a metal reamer, but I've also had cases where I didn't need to do that. 6. Slide the washer and nut that came with the switch over the toggle and onto the switch collar, which should be protruding from the slot. Tighten, and apply Locktite if you want.

You should be good to go.

- Andy M-S

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Reacharound hardware - link to River City BicylesHardware for Split Fender Installation

If your bicycle lacks enough clearance to properly mount a feder under the brake bridge, here's a nice little hack that the folks up at River City Bicycles (in rainy Portland) recommend. A couple of pieces of properly bent stock and there ya have it!

If you take a moment and click on the picture below, you'll see a page with photos (which can reveal higher resolution, larger images) of these being used to mount a split wooden fender on a bicycle which had sub-optimal clearance.

River City's Wooden Fender Detail Photos

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"alex wetmore is always busy with something..."

In this case, he has a really helpful post on bending here, entitled "A different way of measuring while bending tubing"



Nitto Canti Mount Front Rack issue

Nitto Canti-Mount Front Rack Question

Steve H. posts a "do I bend it like Beckham?" question in the RBW list - photos and post here.



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Andre Ball Rigs a Low-Cost Saddlebag Quick Release

Andre's QR Clip Setup

With a minimum of hardware expense, this simple brass clip release should stand up to loaded saddlebags, but allow you to quickly detach your setup.

PH - Andre Ball's Carradice Longflap Quick Release

Ken P. & D. TapeKent Peterson Creates Duct Tape Panniers
(If you haven't run across Ken's writings, ride reports or accomplishments, it's time to do so.)

Ken repurposes some dog food containers, creates lids and attachment systems and neatly documents it here.

Thrifty and practical solution, completely free of heel-strike.


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Take Care of Your Saddle & Your Saddle Will Take Care of You!

Protective Preparations for your leather Brooks Saddle - courtesy of Cyclotourist over on Flickr -

Brooks Saddle Prep - by Cyclotourist

How to "Weave" Handlebar tape for a Diamond Pattern
(answer to an iBob List query)

Not really a "Working" Bike thing, but there are a few good tutorials on how to weave handlebar tape here:

Diamond Wrap - by fixedrider

Harlequin Wrap - by wastedlife

Handlebar Weave - by Ted Durant on the RBW site

Multi-Colored Harequin Wrap - on

Brooks Saddle Sag Fix:
(from an iBob List posting)

Thought I'd update you all on the low miles but sagged out B-17 standard. I followed the advice (Marcus C.'s??) to soak and reform the saddle. I backed off the tension screw completely. The saddle went into a tub of warm water for an hour or two. When good and soaked, I stuffed newspaper between saddle and rails until the leather matched the shape of a new B-17. I set it aside to air dry for 3 days. When dry, the saddle was tighter than pre-soaking, but still too loose to ride. I carefully brought up the tension until it felt right. I've been riding it for a week now on the new fixie, and it's as comfortable as ever. Now, I just hope it lasts! Thanks for all the advice.

best, joe broach missoula, mt

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some links -

Kogswell Porteur Project
Porteur Project

CETMA Labs Racks
C.E.T.M.A. Labs Racks


Perry Bessas - iBob Section
Perry Bessas'
Links Page to Fender
(and other Bobbish) Solutions
Bicycle Fixation -
"Streetriders' Gallery"

Bikes at Work, Inc.

BicycleR Evolution

James Black's Asian Cargo Bike Photos

James went to the far east and all he got was this t-shirt... Well, actually, he got some really cool cargo bike photos, which he posted here. Another interesting group of working bicycles, so go check 'em out!

James Black's Cargo Bike Photos

Messenger's-eye View Photos

Take a run over to Flickr and check out a nice set by ChrisRocket - "a day in the life of a messenger" - lots of working bikes and good photos of the daily grind.

Chinese Working Bikes

iBob denizen Tarik Saleh has begun putting up daily photos of Chinese bicycles on his blog. He'll continue this until he "grows tired of it." In the meantime, enjoy!

 Tarik's Photos

Link - here

Current Classics Photo Gallery - Cross Bike Photo Gallery
Single Speed Garage Photo Gallery
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