Hi Jim,

These pics aren't of my bicycle, but I thought it was such a cool looking bike I'd send them to you anyway. It's an Atlas, a model I hadn't heard of before. Apparently they're manufactured in India and are very popular there. The bike was in great shape, and while it looked like something you'd find in the 40s or 50s, must be pretty new. Sorry about the picture quality, but I took these with my camera phone. Note the "hood ornament" on the front fender. I spotted the bike yesterday in Manhattan on the corner of 58th and Madison, chained to a street sign. Also, Here's a photo of our dog, also a rescue we've had since she was a puppy. (aged 10, now). So, please feel free to do whatever you want with these, including deleting, ignoring or selling them to the highest bidder. My preferred riding machine is an Atlantis that I've had for 3 years or so.


David Mintzer



Atlas - front end detail


Atlas - rear angle view

Atlas - driveside view
Atlas - front angle view
 Happy Rescue Dog

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