I saw this bicycle for repair in a friend’s bicycle shop. This is a prototype used in Israel orchards to tow an agricultural harvest trailer between tree rows. These harvest trailers carry a harvest plastic box with capacity up until 400 kg of fruit. The combined weight of trailer, box and fruit reach at least 500 kg. I joined three pictures of the whole bicycle and details of drive train. The right side is the drive side and you can see the difference between the chain wheel and intermediate sprocket sizes. This beast was built using the cheapest materials money could buy and consequently is damage often with broken chains and bent wheels. Some improvements include good quality 3/16 BMX heavy duty chains, 507 mm aluminum double wall 36 spoke rims, BMX 14 mm axle hubs and finally double butted 2.3 mm – 2 mm stainless steel spokes.

Promise I will send you a picture of this bicycle performing its work.





Israel Work Bike - In the Shop


Israel Work Bike - drive system

Israel Work Bike - Shaft & wheel

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