This bicycle has been updated - click here for the original photos

Hello Jim,

I would like to offer an updated photo of my MO-05 Condor Swiss military bicycle, but this time with the anhanger (trailer). This anhanger has a flat wood deck and also four mounting clasps for a litter/stretcher. I use it to transport building materials for my one man carpentry outfit. This anhanger weighs 62 lbs. and the MO-05 weighs 52 lbs. This leaves little more mass to transport as I live in the second most hilly city (Seattle) and this thing kills me on my return trip home from sea-level to 404 feet with only "two" gears (pedal and push ;-)), but I'm all smiles because the fun factor is soooo high.

The wheels can be quickly removed by a small rod release. Once removed, the rails serve as skis making this anhanger a sled. Darn, those Swiss are cleaver.


Carl Kamenzind

ps. Just for fun, you will see that the Condor Club of Holland has also posted this picture and the other two in which I have taken off the wheels in the slow to demonstrate the sled capability.


Condor mit anhanger - side view


Condor mit anhanger - on the road

Condor mit anhanger - A Strong Hitch
Condor mit anhanger - Historical Image
 Condor mit anhanger - Anhanger mit Condor
 Condor mit anhanger - at the shore
This bicycle has been updated - click here for the original photos

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