Note - Alistair had emailed these photos to me, and some of them are similar to those he took of his Rivendell Longlow Porteur project - still, I found them very interesting and have included them here. - Jim

Update - 9/06 - this bicycle is now built up and appears here.

I'm finishing up a 650b conversion project with porteur style rack. The frame is a match built Riv Longlow and all in all I think it came out quite well. I'll attach a couple o pic's here and then send an official gallery offering through your website once it's painted. I'll be riding it unpainted for a few weeks to make sure I don't want to change anything else.

Also, I built a rack for a friend of mine over the winter and I was going to try to capture the build sequence in pictures and send it to your site. Well, documenting the build sequence didn't turn out so well but I will send you some pictures of the finished bicycle for your workbikes section.



Rivendell Longlow Porteur - head tube & rack

 Rivendell Longlow Porteur - rack detail
Rivendell Longlow Porteur - front quarter view
Rivendell Longlow Porteur - bare frame & rack

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