I saw your request for photos at your website, I attached a few pics of a '78 Schwinn Town and Country Trike that I customized slightly and added a custom hitch to pull a trailer that I built.

The pic shows the trailer carrying a 68 Trike, I built these for use at swap meets after most placed banned the use of golf carts and ATV's. The blue trike was a total basket case when I found it, the paint was faded and surface rusted, the fenders were rusted, as was all of the chrome. The wheels were trashed, and the seat and basket were missing. I used mostly spare parts to put this one back together, and added a larger excercise saddle for comfort.

While these are not 100% original, (wheels have been changed to 24x1 3/4" and built with 10 ga. spokes. I no longer own the yellow '68 trike, but still use the blue '78 along with a newer 2001 Worksman mover I bought at one of the swap meets. The trailer has hauled everthing from bicycles, trikes, V8 engines, transmissions, and car wheels. I did upgrade the wheels on the trailer after the photo was taken to a set of 24x2.125" tires and heavier rims.

I also included a pic of the Worksman mover. While these are not 2 wheeled bikes, they are most definitely work oriented. The Mover is all original with the exception of the saddle, pedals, and the front basket. The Worksman trike is a real workhorse, I don't think you could overload it, and it's equipped with a Shimano PPS 3 speed system, along with 1/2" x 3/16" chain. I would venture to say that it would carry in the area of 750 pounds including the rider. I had a 450 lb engine block on the rear tray, and the basket full of small parts, and I weigh in at 250 lbs, and it showed no signs of stress, not to mention it was towing a trailer with a set of Chevy truck rims, two cylinder heads, and a radiator.

The Schwinn will tow more than it can carry, but the Mover is more truck than bicycle. Both pedal surprisingly well with weight and the trailer. I've spent whole days on both at several large swap meets, and at the end of the day, your still able to keep moving, where as if you had walked the 20 or so miles, carrying what ever you bought, your about worn out for the day.

Joe McKishen
Vineland, NJ


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Schwinn Tricycles & Trailer
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