Hi Jim,

For some time I've been using my Urbanite (#125 Current Classics) for shopping and general load carrying. It's really too much bike for the function so I've come up with a sturdy "get on and go", simple, all-purpose, beast of burden for the entire family.

I sourced out a middle-of-the-range, 12 speed Velo Sport of 1982 vintage, stripped it right down, overhauled the B/B and headset and built it up as a single-speed as shown in the pictures. Apart from the new rear rack, kickstand and basket, all parts were lying around here doing nothing. The bike features unusual Shimano Parapul roller-cam brakes which work fine, but later on replacement pads may be a problem. I've gone for 63 gear inches thanks to a Quando fixed/free cog and a 40 tooth chainwheel, which although a bit short-winded for the open road is ideal for town riding and load carrying applications.

The Avenir two-legged kick stand works fine as does the quick-release basket from the same maker. The Axiom panniers are very voluminous (62 litres) and when combined with the large Europe-bound rack bag, the combination provides considerable load carrying capability! I've replaced the seat post bolt with a quick release to facilitate seat adjustment to suit a variety of riders.

For domestic shopping I remove the pannier bags/ basket as required and take them into the shop. They are very easy to load up at the check out -without (thank goodness!) using any plastic bags.




Velo Sport - rear quarter view


Velo Sport - front view

Velo Sport - BB detail
Velo Sport - Rigged with large bags
 Velo Sport - Front Quarter View

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