Here's my 2006 Christiania cargo trike.

It was built up for me in Copenhagen and delivered via a specialist bike shop in London. I then moved it to Boston with the rest of my stuff in October 2006 - now it's what I believe to be the only one of its kind in the US (at least on the East Coast!).

We use it for shopping and schlepping the kids around; it's great for cruising up and down the Minute Man bike path from Arlington, and I've also used it to take heavy AV equipment into Boston for work.

The box is made of heavy-duty plywood, and the rest of the bike is powder-coated steel. The front wheels have disc brakes, and the rear wheel is a coaster brake and Shimano 8-speed hub gear.

The cover can be removed and carried easily, or the sides can be removed if it's really sunny or just a little rainy.

It's really easy to ride once you've got the hang of it!


Christiana Cargo Trike - front quarter view


Christiana Cargo Trike - no cover

Christiana Cargo Trike - trip to the market
Christiana Cargo Trike - Holiday sleigh ride
 Christiana Cargo Trike - rear quarter view

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