I bought this 1968 Schwinn Town & Country Tri-Wheeler intending it for parade use. I thought I'd build a shell in the shape of some animal or fish and decorate that. But my wife took it for a ride and said "mine". Fine. Changes have included a large front basket addition, longer crank arms, lower handlebars and a rear plate for the world famous "Wall Drug" bumper sticker that matched the colors exactly. The longer cranks are needed as the trike is based on the 24" girls Schwinn Hollywood bike and came with 4.5" long crank arms. This made getting started very difficult on any sort of up incline. BTW, you just can't do a running start with a trike, you will run yourself over. The longer cranks made a "wow, what a difference" change. The lower handle bars were intended to lower the center of gravity and shift some weight forward in an effort to help stabilize the trike. The T & C is notorious for being wobbly. The front basket, Wald's largest was added to double the carrying capacity. Note the close up photo of the parking brake. Needed so it doesn't roll away from you. These trikes were sold for many years in 1, 2 or 3 speed versions. Schwinn used Bendix, Shimano and Sturmey Archer hubs depending on the model year. Later models have a real differential instead of being 1 wheel drive.

The trike makes regular trips to the grocery store about 7 blocks away. The baskets are so handy, no need to plan what you buy and how to load it, how many bunge cords to bring, what size back pack for the crushables, just put the bags in and go.

Rick Paulos
Cedar Rapids, Iowa



Schwinn Town & Country - side view


Schwinn Town & Country - rear angle view


Schwinn Town & Country - Haulin'
Schwinn Town & Country - Schwinn Approved Grips
 Schwinn Town & Country - Fully Basketed

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