Hey Jim, I'm not sure whether it qualifies as a "current classic," but I thought I'd submit Frankenbike just in case.

Frankenbike started life as a 27" frame Fuji Del Rey. It was in bad shape, and the guy who sold it to me packed it horribly, so it was in even worse shape when I got it. Many, many hours later (including way too much time with a Rustoleum rattle can) this is what turned up. It was a lot of fun.

Details as follows: - The handlebars are Nashbar "Trekking" bars. I love them! They are amazingly comfortable. - Diacompe 287 levers - Cheapo thumbies from the Rivendell catalog. The shifters are pretty cool, but they needed finer ratcheting intervals. - Campy triple crank (you need a bit of bling somewhere, right?) - Ukai rims and Suntour LePree hubs - Shimano 105 front der., Deore LX rear der. - Used "dirt drop" knockoff stem. - Nashbar gel saddle. - Shimano Tourney brakes with new Ultegra pads. These are incredible! Massive stopping power. - BOB "Coz" trailer for hauling stuff. Cheapo Nashbar kid trailer for hauling offspring.

I have a set of sealed, high-flange Sansin 40h hubs and I just won a set of 27", 40h Wolber Type #58s on eBay, so I'll be setting those up soon.

Yours, Forbes Bagatelle-Black


Fuji Del Rey and Trailer


This was the final bicycle submitted in 2005

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