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This is my 2009 version 2 Yuba Mundo. (one of various work bikes in our stable)

It's a standard 6 speed model which has been upgraded with:
* 18 Speed drivetrain (Shimano/Suntour)
* Go Getter 80 litre pannier bag (sometimes two)
* Hebie Bipod Big Foot Centrestand and steering stabiliser
* Front Carrier (adds 25kg extra onto the carrying capacity!)

This is our demo bike but it gets used as a daily shopper and general hauler of things heavy and large thanks to its 200kg capacity. It may look large and heavy (and it is!) but it's a dream to ride even when loaded.

It has recently been given an eZee front wheel hub motor kit to make the really heavy haul jobs even easier (especially in the coastal headwinds that are common around here!)

This is our substitute car and substitute van for our business. A true work bike!

Pictures taken in the town of Lytham, Lancashire, UK.




Zaynan Lythgoe
Practical Cycles



Practical Cycles Yuba Mundo - side view


Practical Cycles Yuba Mundo - top down view

Practical Cycles Yuba Mundo - head on view
Practical Cycles Yuba Mundo - aft forward view
 Practical Cycles Yuba Mundo - front cargo rack
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