This is my 95' Giant 870 with a 97' Girvin Cross Link Pro on the front. No matter what horror I inflict on this fork and frame it keeps rolling. I have done everything from 24 hour races to long distance bike tours with the Giant. It has evolved from mountain bike to commuter/ touring beast and seen a ton of countryside. I have plans to throw on a Brooks saddle and a bob trailer to make it even more long distance worthy. This picture was taken on a 3 day trip down the C&O Canal.

I should also note that the Girvin Cross Link is the toughest suspension fork ever made. With the simple spring and linkage there isn't much that can go wrong. This one is 11 years old!

I am off to ride the Giant home in a thunder storm after I send this!

Cycle Jerk


Giant 870 - loaded up





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