James Black's David Wilson Industries New Cycle Truck

This custom cargo bike was built for me in 2007 by Seattle-based framebuilder David Wilson of David Wilson Industries. David and I collaborated on the design - the intent was to create a lightweight and fast cargo bike, combining the small front wheel and frame-mounted front rack of the classic Cycle Truck with the styling and speed of a porteur. I have it built up with Nitto Promenade porteur-style handlebars and a three-speed internal-geared Sachs rear hub. For a full write-up and more photos, see my webpage: http://james.architectureburger.com/cycle/cargo.html

James Black

Los Angeles, CA



New Cycle Truck - rear angle view


New Cycle Truck - side view


New Cycle Truck - front angle view
New Cycle Truck - rear angle view
 New Cycle Truck - drivetrain detail

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