Normally, I wouldn't list a bicycle twice, but this version is so nicely rendered, it's worth a look - besides, it fits well in the Working Bikes category, now that it's fully rigged! - Jim

I have been meaning to to update my bicycle on this website for quite some time now... it has seen a few changes since first being introduced in the ss catagory...

My 650b Kogswell Porteur. Custom front rack built by Ahearne Cycles here in Portland, Oregon. The rack has a built in light mount and is collapsible for easy transportation off of the bike when necessary. I now use the On-One Midge bars with reverse levers. I have also upgraded to Paul Brakes and have a Thomson seatpost to match the stem.

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-Elias Grey Portland, Or


Kogswell P/R and Trailer - side view


Kogswell P/R and Trailer - front quarter view

Kogswell P/R - Ahearne Rack detail

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