Hello Jim,

My work bicycle collection keeps growing and now has a 1938 Schwinn (unknown model) that was rehabbed with updated components to include a Sram S-7 w/ drum brake and a Sturmey Archer front w/ dyno. I attached the trailer couple used by the Swiss military bike to pull the anhanger / stretcher trailer. The brakes worked well to stop this heavy hauler, though when the gross weight exceeds 600 pounds, having trailer brakes would be more than just nice. This photo set is from my scrap steel run to the transfer station. I took the camera along to document the fun and to photo the scale at the t.s. for the non-believers. Yep, 620 pounds gross on the scale when I entered. The empty weight is estimated at about 270 pounds, myself included. This load must be a record for me. You know how records go, they are meant to be beaten as I will do some day.

Enjoy All,

Carl Kamenzind




Scrap Metal Load Start


Scrap Load Heading Out

On the road with a full load
Schwinn Scrap Hauler - before

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