Hello Jim,

It's sure fun finding new subjects for your web page. I hang out with some semi-rowdy biker types who are cargo hauling devotees. We get together usually on a holiday and ride to the park to have a big picnic.

This cargo bike ride is hosted by Aaron and Gypsie Goss of Aaron's Bicycle Repair (www.rideyourbike.com) , here in West Seattle. This ride offered some new marvels to study.

You will find attached a mega hauler that consists of many clever engineering details. Segue Fischlin is an unassuming marvel herself. She fitted two hub motors to the front two wheels on her trike with the controller mounted underneath. Note the thumb shifters mounted on the back side of the saddle; this offers the ninnies no chance to look at shifter location to see what gear their in, so better know the beast well. Also note the usefulness in the key that is located in the bottom bracket shell. This key switch's only duty is to power up the jazzy lamp system. Segway said her hauler weighs about 200 lbs.(or about double Segue Fischlin's weight). She claims that her titan can haul up to four-hundred pounds, which I have no problem believing. It is Segues mission to perfect her prototype in order to go into production. Ambitious I suppose, but then this kind of thing can really get some work done. There's a lot of positive things to say about high gas prices incase some aren't aware. "Good luck Segue". "The world needs your trikes".

I also included a single photo of Merlin's Indonesian rickshaw. In the New Years Day ride, Merlin's rear wheel axle broke on that ride, so Aaron produced a transmission that is really helping Merlin to take on the hills as Seattle is the second most hilly city in the country. Now, if Merlin could just manage to not turtle his rickshaw in busy down town Seattle, this would be a good thing as it just about takes a car wrecker to get that thing on all three wheels again. Really, I'm to blame because I brought all the Munich bier they could drink.


Carl Kamenzind
West Seattle



Megahauler III - side view


Megahauler III - Cockpit

Megahauler III - Shifter detail

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