At some time in the recent past, a Kogswell 650B Porteur style bicycle came across my radar and I thought it was just about the best looking bike for an all-rounder I had seen.

I had also seen the arrival of my son who is now 6 months old and the departure of any discretionary income. A new, out-of-the-box Kogswell P/R was out-of-the-question.

Thankfully, we're blessed in my town to have one of the world's greatest dumps. (Transfer Station is more politically correct, but it sounds better if you say you "found it at the dump.")

On an early winter trip to our dump, I found a late 1990's white Specialized RockHopper. It worked perfectly, but moreover it was perfect for what I had in mind. During late-night feedings up in the nursery I plotted out how I would convert the dump bike into a Kogswell P/R. On the first warmish day in January, I stripped it down and primed it up. (I would have to wait for late February for a warm enough day to paint and clear coat.)

Everything on the bike, except the paint, is from the dump; Ritchey City Slicks, Grip Shifts, Planet Bike fenders, Brooks-style saddle, Deore derailluer, etc., etc. The bike features a homemade rack modeled after a CETMA rack, constructed from the framework of a Wald basket rack, as well as the remaining trim pieces from our kitchen cabinet renovations. I decided to strip down the gearing to an eight speed, with a granny gear option should the need, and the hill, arise.

For basic errands, the cooler bag quickly detaches and goes over the shoulder (very convenient when purchasing a 24 pack). Or the bag is removed and the rack is capable of holding heavy and wide loads, like beach chairs and umbrellas--that is, if the snow ever melts.

I'm still not quite sure what to call it, but Kogalized is what I've come up with. I'm open to suggestions.

Cape Elizabeth, Maine


Kogalized - side view


Kogalized - rear angle view

Kogalized - forward view detail
Kogalized - front angle view
 Kogalized - Rack Platform detail
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