I don't actually commute to work but I use both of my bikes locally for "go-fer" runs.

Here they are. 1977 Schwinn Speedster - Sturmey Archer/AW 3 speed. CatEye-Krypton lightset 26x1&3/8 tires 2002 Hampton Cruise-Seven - 7 gear beach cruiser - Schwinn lightset 26/2.125 tires The handle bars from the Hampton are on the Schwinn. I needed "Ape-Hangers for my back. Now that I have lost some weight from riding (12lbs and 4 inches around the waist) it's not so much an issue. Both bikes have luggage racks & fork-baskets.

Will be back to brose your site tomorrow on my day off as I drink my morning coffee.

Larry Henry
Bradenton FL.

Starve the Oil Sheiks; ride a bicycle! You'll live longer (If a car doesn't get you!)


Schwinn Speedster - side view

 Hampton Cruise Seven

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