Here's a Pashley Delibike with the advertising sign removed. I don't own or work at a deli, butcher shop or bakery but this thing is great for loading up at the farmers market. Pashley sez you can carry 55lbs; I've found that 90lbs is a practical max. If you ride slowly, 190lbs can be done too.

The carrier frame has no problem with distribution boxes, large crates, and 2 cases of beer or wine. The ride is nice and smooth and it does fine on the few hills here in Philadelphia, PA. It's not so good at squeezing in between traffic but I've found that taking a more leisurely pace to be quite pleasant. What else... it's got a 3-speed Sturmey and hub brakes. In the future, I'd like to add a rear rack for panniers and a chainguard.

The official Delibike page -

Thanks Cyclofiend!


Pashley Delibike - side view


Pashley Delibike - basket and stand detail

Pashley Delibike - head on view
Pashley Delibike - totin' the tote
    Pashley Delibike - Serious Canine Cargo

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