This is my "2002 trek fuel 80"
made my pack system
front forks carry my fuel bottles for a msr international stove
i also carry 3 (27 oz) water bottles...all 3 bottles are mounted on the down tube... using a "moonsaddle"

total weight for bike is at 29 lbs total weight for equipment and food 35 lbs

i equipped the bike for long distance touring either on the hard top or dirt...

the handlebar pack system carries my 20f. down sleeping bag and my 4 season super shelter henensey hammock system with a foul weather gear bag tied up weight 8 lbs +/- oz. for handlebars.
my frame pack system carries food and msr international stove..
on the top tube sits my gas tank pack....carries personnel items...8x32 binoculars..wallet weight of both items frame pack and gas tank neighborhood of 10 lbs +/- oz.
then my super twinkie which mounts on my seat tube .... carries about several days worth of a change of clothing and my msr mess kit...10 lbs...
i do use a small ruck sack that i picked up from rei "flash 18" for some grocery items like fruit etc... have been out problem with steering as some might think...even in cross winds... i have not found it difficult to keep on pedaling.....with the packs mounted or not....its your body that the wind hits the most....

epicdesignsalaska makes a darn good water proof packs...been out in the rain storms for hours....nothing was wet or damp in my packs..... i have up graded my wheels from 32 spoke to 36 spoke went from the stock rims to "sunringles mttx 33" went with a much heavier hubs by "deore xt`s" modified an extra drop handle bar to deal with my handlebar packs....this way nothing would get in my way while operating the the brakes and shifters... i had a heavier spring installed for my front forks....

in my tool bag which sits under my super twinkie i carry everything from a "hyper cracker" to deal with rear wheel broken a pedal wrench in case i have to box up the beast to get on a train....


Trek Loaded Fuel 80 - side view


Trek Loaded Fuel 80 - driveside view

Trek Loaded Fuel 80 - cockpit view
Trek Loaded Fuel 80 - The Moon Saddle
    Trek Loaded Fuel 80 - Unloaded condition
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