Attached is my submission for your "Practical Hardware" section.


I fashioned a quick release mount so that my Carradice Nelson Long Flap saddlebag could be quickly attached or removed from my Brooks saddle without buckling and unbuckling the 3 straps the saddlebag came with.

My solution uses 3 types of common hardware:
-(1) Double Ended Snap Hook (4-7/8" overall length)
-(2) 1/4" Hose Clamps
-(2) 1/2" Steel D-rings

The hose clamps are used to permanently attach the snap hook to the saddle bag loops on the back of the Brooks saddle.

On the saddle bag the two saddle straps are routed through the 2 d-rings and left there.

To attach saddlebag, simply open the snap hook ends and insert the d-rings, then buckle the easily accessible strap around the seatpost.

The hardware is cheap enough that multiples can be purchased and put on multiple saddles.

I have been using this system for over 3 years with great results. The Neslon LF is a rather large bag and I have had it stuffed full and the attachment has held up nicley.


Attached are my photos, they are also in a flickr set as well.





Longflap Quick Release System - The Clip


Longflap Quick Release System - The Packaging

Longflap Quick Release System - Clip attached to clamps
Longflap Quick Release System - Bag Attached to clip
 Longflap Quick Release System - full setup
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