I had priginally planned to use my Peugeot ATB (Current Classics # 39) for the Xtracycle conversion, but growing issues around the overly-long top tube forced me to reconsider. I got this old, shockingly heavy CyclePro last year from a fellow on the BOB list, and stashed it at work as a planned build-up for my college bound niece. She went with an upright road bike (kids!) and I decided to use the CyclePro as my X build-up.

It was a good choice. The smaller frame meant a short top tube -- but surprsingly, NOT a lower saddle height because of the much higher bottom bracket! -- and assembling was easy as pie.

Some extras include Cork grips; the goofy yellow fenders from my Peugeot (which was recently overhauled and is on long-term loan to my other, taller niece as daily transportation); recycled housing of many colors; Panaracer Pasela tires; and very recently a Brooks Flyer Special (replacing the B-68, shown). The Flyer is a very comfortable saddle after initial break-in! I also noted that the factory finish on the wooden "snap deck" was pretty thin and wouldn't last in an Oregon winter, so I pulled it off, removed the hardware, and shellacked it. Then I reversed the hardware and installed it bare- side-up for a nice effect.

I sold my Burley trailer to make room for the X. Since building it up in May, I've used it more times in two months than I used the trailer in two years! Sweetie and I ride every other week to the farmers' market, and I do runs for the bigger things like bark dust and cat litter. Last week, I went yard-sale-ing and came home with both bags filled with eight five-foot sections of plastic lawn dividers, a chaise lounge chair and a folding table. So easy! I may never need a trailer again.

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Cycle Pro Xtracycle - side view


Cycle Pro Xtracycle - rear angle view


Cycle Pro Xtracycle - front angle view
Cycle Pro Xtracycle - Put the Fun...
 Cycle Pro Xtracycle - The Truth
 Cycle Pro Xtracycle - Shellac Top
Cycle Pro Xtracycle - Parkway Bike Aid
Cycle Pro Xtracycle - Picnic Ready
Cycle Pro Xtracycle - Ladder Toter

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