Just to be clear, I first linked to CETMA Racks because their designs looked solid and well executed. Other's had said they worked well. While I would not offer a page to just any company which offers up some photos, in this case, I'm happy to provide more shots of what appears to be an excellent product. So, enjoy these photos in that spirit! - Jim/Cyclofiend

I've been meaning to write you for a long time to say thanks for the link you've put on your work bikes page. It's a real compliment to have my work on your site. I sincerely appreciate it.

Additionally, here are a few pictures to post. I think they may appear on the CETMAracks site, but I'm sure not everyone has seen them. Regardless, me thinks they'll fit right in with the others.

Thanks again and Happy New Year.


Lane Kagay


CETMA Rack - two bankers' boxes

CETMA Rack - stack o' pancakes
CETMA Rack - bankers boxes
CETMA Racks - how high can you go?
 CETMA Racks - stackin' boxes

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