I became intrigued by the simplicity and ruggedness of "industrial" bikes so when I saw this Schwinn Heavy-Duti on my local Craigslist several years ago, I had to check it out. It has two top-tubes, heavy duty tire innertubes, very heavy spokes and supposedly has a corrosion-resistant zinc-plated chain.

The bike isn't fast, but it's simple, rugged and very comfortable. It reminds me of when I was much younger and didn't think about clipless pedals, helmets or lycra shorts. In fact, I feel like a kid whenever I ride this beastie.

The best rides are the ones out in the country on low-traffic roads or along the rails-to-trails. It's also a great bike for around-town errands. I don't get anywhere fast but I usually get there with a smile.

I added the rear rack and panniers to make the bike more useful for errands and I also added a homemade fender extender (made from a cat litter jug) to reduce road spray. Some of the add-ons detract from the overall classic appearance of the bike but they make longer trips more comfortable. I traveled about 35 miles with a group of riders and I think my bike was the best-looking and certainly most commented-on bike in the group.

Bellevue, PA



Schwinn Heavy-Duti - out on the roads


Schwinn Heavy-Duti - angled view

Schwinn Heavy-Duti - side view
Schwinn Heavy-Duti - angled view
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