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Hello human power friends,

This Swiss work bicycle (Condor MO-05) was built for the battle field. It's simple, stout and unchanged over it's long production run (1905-1988). Intended to transport infantry, armaments and as courier service, I have seen photos with an incredible array of hardware strapped to them. Who needs a Humvee that needs gas and can't be lifted out of the mud once stuck. Note the lack of a kickstand. It would be a shame if this fahrrad was shot by enemy invaders.

The design was unchanged from the inception in 1905, with rod push-down brake block to the top of the tire in front. Well ,the only change that I know of is the addition of a rear drum brake to assist the Torpedo coaster brake. The head badge decal with the Swiss shield with cross in center took on a less stylistic look in later years too. Otherwise, interchangeability is important with military hardware, hence the antique quality.

I tour with and transport cargo very effectively with the collection of strap-on Swiss military bags front and rear. Having only one gear requires switch-backs on inclines. Otherwise, despite it's empty weight of 52 lbs, it rolls along silently and with amazing efficiency. Enjoy.


Swiss Condor MO-05

This bicycle has been updated - click here for the latest photos

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