This is a 1970's Schwinn Suburban. I was able to clean up this pile of rust that I located on Craigslist for just a few bucks. Overall the bike is solid, straight and original excluding the tires. The bike is still in progress as far as cleaning,and fine tuning. I have added a Wald front rack and rear vintage military panniers. It's the perfect cruiser for the lake, running errands and overall cycling. The best part about this Chicago made beauty is the fact that everything was purchased by way of recycled cans,bottles,plastic,etc. People often ask what I will take for it when I'm out and about. This cream puff isn't up for sale anytime soon.

Thanks to everyone for the great images.

Enjoy your saddle time!

Jeff Alona


Schwinn Suburban - side view


Schwinn Suburban - Taking it to the Cleaners

Schwinn Suburban - drive side view
Schwinn Suburban - front angle view
 Schwinn Suburban - pannier and drivetrain
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