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To expedite the "Grand Unraveling" of the Backlog, I'm not emailing people when their bicycles are listed. I'll still be listing them right here on the main page, and I've been highlighting new entries and old favorites on the Cyclofiend blog - - as I point out on the site, this is an adjunct to the more essay-oriented blog I've been keeping at

If you aren't getting the update notices via Twitter, you can use the rss feed from the cyclofiend "announce" blog to keep up to date on latest gallery additions. And now, I'm also updating the new postings using Pinterest.

2/28/12 - Singlespeed Gallery Update
With one quick update session, I've already equaled the amount of singlespeed bicycles which were added to the Singlespeed Gallery in 2011. Yes, it is equally humiliating and invigorating!
Shawn's Schwinn Continential, Bill's Hardrock, Kenny's Urban Soul, Laurent's Cambio Rino and Brad's Schwinn World Sport.

2/24/12 - Current Classics Gallery Update
Five "new" entries, from the rather impressive backlog. David's Mario Vicini restoration, John's Schwinn Mixte restoration, Ted's Gardin, Robert's Raleigh and Cyclotourist's Rivendell Road - Enjoy!

2/15/12 - Restart/Kickstart
As I mentioned over on the blog, this past year was going to be a crusher. I pedaled my way through it and seem to have popped out the other side.
Now it's time to attend to all of the odds and ends which have accumulated around here.

Order of Business #1 - T-Shirts:
I've got a few left in all three styles. I think for this year, it's time to redo the most popular design (hands-down the original "One Cog - Zero Excuses") in a new color. And while we did sell through most of the other two designs, they were a bit more sedate in their sell-through, and thus will be retired.

So - if you've been hankering for a new t-shirt and aren't looking for 2XL or Small, there's something for you here. (If paypal insists on adding shipping, I'll refund it as soon as I process the order.)

Order of Business #2 - Galleries:
Backlog, Backlog...who's gotta Backlog? Yep - that'd be me. I have a chunk of images from 2011, and even though the Galleries have been dormant for way too long, folks have continued sending photos and descriptions of cool rides my way. My plan is to take small, regular bites beginning soon. So "Thank You" for your patience, and an even bigger thanks to those who had sent in images.

Order of Business #3 - Ride More
Yeah, that one's kind of for me. Last year was a little underwhelming, mileage-wise, and as the final bits of mywork project played out, I had to quit cold-turkey in mid-December, not clambering back aboard until the beginning fo this month. Yikes!

Suffice to say, it was good to pedal again.

Here's to more, soon!

Don't know if I mentioned the Rivendell Bicycle Works PDF archive page which I'd cobbled together a while back, but there are a couple new things there.

If you sent in photos and a description, make sure you check here or over at the Cyclofiend blog for the most current updates.


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I've started tagging on this little helpful widget to each gallery page. It lets you email other bike junkies directly from the page - no more copying of the url necessary! You can also share it via Facebook, your blog or any number of other interwebby locales.

Twitt, Twitter, Twitterest -
I've added a twitter feed down a bit in the center of (it should show up right below my t-shirt photos.) My plan is to use this announcements of site updates. You can follow along here if you are a-twittering, or there's an rss feed as well.

Year 5: 2009
Year-End Wrap-Up:

Submissions for 2009:
Current Classics: 154 bicycles
Cross Bikes: 9 bicycles
Single Speed Garage: 58 bicycles
Working Bicycles: 17 bicycles

This year ended a little out of whack - a few bicycles submitted in 2009 did not get posted that year, so those will be included in the 2010 totals.

Total Gallery submssions in 2009 (not including "Revisions"): 238 Bicycles -thank you one and all!

There are a total of 1213 bicycles presented in the four main galleries at the end of 2009.

T-Shirts Designs Now Available.
"I've Got Downtube Shifters...And I Know How to Use Them!" Cyclocross "More Cowbell" Long-sleeved T-shirts have arrived - now available to order - check 'em out here!

RBW Section Updates:
They will continue to expand, as I've got more things to get scanned and added, but there are now model-specific pages for the Atlantis and Romulus/Redwood models.

Also, I've redone the file architecture to make links a bit simpler - each one can be found by adding the model name to "". For example, you could use rather than using the ".html" ending as before. (They are now separate directories rather than specific pages). This may matter more to me than you, but it should simplify things a bit. (The old links will just redirect, so you don't need to edit any links you may have.


Other Notes -
A few people have indicated that they'd rather not have a link to the their email address in their gallery page. That can certainly be arranged, and I'd updated the FAQ section earlier this year to reflect that.

The default is that I include it, but other options are available More here.


Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to send in all the photos and descriptions - it wouldn't be possible without your efforts!

Your Donation Helps
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Thanks for your support!
I want to thank those of you who have taken the time to support the site through your donations. As the word has gotten out about the Galleries, my bandwidth usage has grown noticeably, and I've had to upgrade the server package to stay ahead of it. Even a few bucks through the Donation button below helps out. Thanks too for your emails - I appreciate all your kind words about the site.

Random Photos Hint:
If there is a bicycle you see in the random photos at the top of this page, you can either <control>+click (mac) or right-click (windows) and "View Image". The name of the image should appear in the address window of your browser. The number which appears before the ".jpg" extension is the number of the bicycle in that gallery. For example, if you see 22.jpg, then that is the image for #22. You should be able to find that bicycle reasonably quickly. Yes - I know it's a work-around, but it's the best I've got right now...

Current Classics and Single Speed Galleries now have Thumbnail Preview Pages, where I've aggregated the images.

'm always looking for Ibis Catalogs or scans to fill in the missing years in the Ibis section - that means the complete stuff from 1996, and the years from 1990 to 1993. as well . Early items appreciated, and if you own a time machine, please go back and tell me not to toss out the Fat Tire Flyers when I was moving...

-- Jim

updated: February 28, 2012



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Cyclocross "More Cowbell" t-shirts - now available!
"I've Got Downtube Shifters...
...And I Know How To Use Them!"

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Cyclocross "More Cowbell" t-shirts - now available!
Cyclocross "More Cowbell"
Limited Sizes - FREE SHIPPING!

Cyclocross "More Cowbell" t-shirts - now available!
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Year 5: 2009
Year-End Wrap-Up:

Submissions for 2009:
Current Classics: 154 bicycles
Cross Bikes: 9 bicycles
Single Speed Garage: 58 bicycles
Working Bicycles: 17 bicycles

This year ended a little out of whack - a few bicycles submitted in 2009 did not get posted that year, so those will be included in the 2010 totals.

Total Gallery submssions in 2009 (not including "Revisions"): 238 Bicycles -thank you one and all!

There are a total of 1213 bicycles presented in the four main galleries at the end of 2009.

Year 4: 2008
Year-End Wrap-Up:

Submissions for 2008:
Current Classics: 166 bicycles
Cross Bikes: 13 bicycles
Single Speed Garage: 90 bicycles
Working Bicycles: 27 bicycles

Total Gallery submssions in 2008 (not including "Revisions"): 296 Bicycles -thank you one and all!

There are a total of 975 bicycles presented in the four main galleries.

Year 3: 2007
Year-End Wrap-Up:

Submissions for 2007:
Current Classics: 208 bicycles
Cross Bikes: 15 bicycles
Single Speed Garage: 77 bicycles
Working Bicycles: 35 bicycles

Total Gallery submssions in 2007 (not including "Revisions"): 335 Bicycles -thank you one and all!

There are a total of 675 bicycles presented in the four main galleries.

Year 2: 2006
Year-End Wrap-Up:

Submissions for 2006:
Current Classics: 156 bicycles
Cross Bikes: 11 bicycles
Single Speed Garage: 43 bicycles
Working Bicycles: 36 bicycles

Total Gallery submssions in 2006 (not including "Revisions"): 246 Bicycles - more than twice that of the previous year!

2007 "New Year's Day Bonus!", thanks to Raoul D.

Year 1: 2005
Year-End Wrap-Up:

Current Classics: 66 bicycles
Cross Bikes: 7 bicycles
Single Speed Garage: 13 bicycles
Working Bicycles: 8 bicycles

Total Gallery submssions in 2005 (not including "Revisions"): 94 Bicycles!

2/3/08 -
Sheldon Brown
1944 - 2008

Sheldon Brown - 1944 - 2008

Rivendell has posted the interview they did with him in RR25 a few years ago. All across the net, memorials are blooming and recollections shared. We owe him a debt of gratitude and should feel lucky to have enjoyed his precense. His family have now posted information for memorial gifts. There have been a few reports of Sheldon Brown Memorial Rides which took place on April 1st, which was Sheldon's day of product prankery. Harris Cyclery has managed to act as a KOF for this year's offering.

8/08 -
I'll no longer have to carry Tashi over the mud, but I'll always carry her in my heart.


5/10 -
Hula had more big-dog attitude than any small dog I've ever known.


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Cyclocross Gallery
Here's where you can find racing bicycle - with a twist: just bikes for racing cyclocross. Not all of them actually get raced, but they could if they wanted to. Either way, they definitely get dirt under their nails.

Single Speed Gallery
One gear at a time. It's interesting how many of the bicycles so are are actually single speed roadsters - I thought that most would be mtb's, but one-geared coastables seem reasonably popular on the roadways! Also viewable by Thumbnail Image.

Working Bikes & Practical Hardware
To say there is a wide variety of bikes in this section just doesn't come close. Some are adapted, some are purpose-built, some just ended up mutating into a Working Bike. Some would argue that all bicycles are working bicycles, but hold your judgement until you view the Working Bikes Gallery.

Gallery FAQ page
The gallery needs your photos - yes, they are good enough and doggone it, people like them! If you don't understand the whole "Current Classics", "Cross Bike", "Single Speed" or "Working Bike" Gallery thing, start here. It also has a few suggestions regarding photographing your bicycle

Cyclofiend Blog
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Rivendell Bicycle Works Section
There's a fair amount of RBW stuff here, and I've still got a good deal to add to it. This section of the site began because it was hard to find photos of Rivendell stuff on their site, but since the redo a while back, it's started to focus more on the different models, current and past, and mines through the Rivendell Readers, Catalogs, Flyers, Mailers and other ephemera which I've collected ever since GW smacked me upside the head with a Reader and said, "Hey, you like more interesting bikes, check this out.!".

Ibis Bicycles
After some discussions on the iBob list regarding model years, I started working on a reference page for Ibis Bicycles - which contains scans of catalogs and other stuff which came from The World According to Chuck Ibis. Last Addition: Cousin It & Touche Tandem catalog scans from 94/95.

I've also added a couple of pages to the riding notes section. It's not much to speak of yet.

Thanks to everyone for their kinds words of encouragement - this is great fun!

Keep those photos coming!

-- Jim

PS - I may not keep this on the site, but check out th "Ow!" section... It's not quite what you'd thnk.

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