CX Redline Cup - Napa 2002


Tune up for the Nationals...

The third race of the west coast Redline Cup Series, this race was the day after the Cyclo Cross at Coyote Point race, and provided a good venue for seeing who was ready for the Nats. The course threaded through the Napa Valley College, and had a variety of terrain, though only one barrier section.


Redline Cup #3
December 8th, 2002

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Women's Nats

1st Runup Stella Carey - Kelly Bike Co Anne Grande - KonaStair Drop 
Lynne Bessette - Canadian Champ Carey Cornering Grande Cornering Rachel Lloyd - Team Spine 
Clif Bar & Cane Creek 

Women's Redline Cup Final - 2002

If you look closely at the photo in the upper right, you'll notice that eventual race winner Carmen D'alusio managed to get air as she dropped into the stairway ramp at the upper part of the college.


Men's Nats

Men's Redline Cup Final - 2002

Sorry, didn't stick around for it this year - had to get home.



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