Here is my 2009 KHS Urban Soul. I bought this bike a few months ago for commuting to work (15 miles one-way) along the American River Trail in Sacramento, CA. I've made mostly minor changes since I bought it: toes clips, rear rack and bag, thinner tires (23's), and bullhorn handle bars (had to go with a generic one on eBay that had mtb sizing).

These minor changes have made the bike an absolute joy to ride anywhere, on the river trail, around town, etc.

Side note: my initials are K.H.S. so every time I show the bike to friends and family they ask if I put my name on it or if I had that done custom.

Single speed riders in Sacramento, hit me up and let's ride the trail!





KHS Urban Soul - Side View
KHS Urban Soul - Angled Front View
KHS Urban Soul - front end detail
KHS Urban Soul - frame detail
KHS Urban Soul - rear brake details



KHS Urban Soul - side view

KHS Urban Soul - On The Porch
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