1995 Model Year -- Szazbo - Ibis Cycles - Mojo - Tandems - Ti Stems

Ibis Bicycles

"Ibis Szazbo Flyer"
I believe this was the first Szazbo flyer introducing the model.
I have another copy of this one which was postmarked 1995.
Because of the background image behind the text, these are reasonably hard to read onscreen.
Might try an OCR version later, but sorry, that's it for now.


Ibis Hobnaben Hub

Detail from page 9 -
Did anyone ever obtain an Ibis Hobnaben hub? Anyone have anymore info on this little number?

If you click on the image at left, you can see a larger version.


"Ibis Cycles Flyer"
This Flyer has a similar tone to the Szazbo flyer above, but I don't recall coming across it until later. It seems to have been released the same year, but has the first reference to "Up and Over Engineering" that I've seen - a moniker which doesn't appear on the Szazbo flyer. It also has the first reference to the ibiscycles.com website, which also leads me to believe that it came out later. There is also no mention of the road bike models, nor of the Hakkalugi.


Ibis Cycles Flyer - Cover & Back
Ibis Cycles Flyer - Bicycle Models

Ibis Cycles Flyer - Accessories
Ibis Cycles Flyer - Clothing & Order Form


1995 Mojo Spec Sheet
The front page of this spec sheet was a photocopy of the 1994 Mojo Spec Sheet.

Ibis 1995 Mojo component spec sheet

Ibis Tandems
The color flyer may be from 1994, but I obtained this for the 1995 model year.
It came with the black & white "Spec Sheets" inserted for specifics regarding the '95's.
Ibis Tandems - Cover
Ibis Tandems - Pg 1
Ibis Tandems - Page 2
Ibis Tandems - Page 3
Ibis Tandems - Page 4
Ibis Tandems - Rear Cover
Ibis Tandems - 1995 Spec Sheet
Ibis Tandems - 1995 Spec Sheet
Ibis Ti Stems
This flyer may be from 1994.
Ibis Raw Titanium Stems
Ibis Original Ti Stems



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