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BOB CoinpurseiBob - "Internet Bridgestone Owners Bunch"

An Aggregation of things related to and tangential to the iBob Mailing List

About the List/Reading the List:

The iBob list is a mailing list hosted graciously by Alex Wetmore. The information page can be found at , along with a few other bike-related lists. It's a reasonably high-volume list, and the amount of talk can be a little overwhelming at times. But, the quality of the information is very high.

As with most things bicycle, Sheldon Brown presents the best question - "What the Hell is an I-Bob?" , as well as providing a compendium of Bridgestone Catalog Scans.

Master of the useful hack, JimG provides a web-based iBob (and other list) Reader.

JimG helps out again - this time explaining how to search the i-Bob archives from your Firefox browser.

This connection usually times out, but this may be Piaw Na's iBob Info Page.

Perry Bessas put together a useful intro page on the iBob phenomenon.

In the wake of Rivendell bowing out of the RBW list, Peter Jon White created a "Bicycle Lifestyle" group on Google. It seems like it will be more iBobian than Rivendellian, so I'm including the link here:
PJW's Info Page - Bicycle Lifestyle Group on Google

The RBW List, which was an outgrowth of the iBob list, has been resurrected. More info here.

About the List Members:

JimG has also pulled together an iBob MegaBlog Aggregator, for reading iBobber Blogs.

In the beginning, there was Perry's iBob Cafe

If you want to get a sense of iBob distrbution throughout the mapped world, check out the iBob Frappr page

There is now a Flickr group with iBob faces - the only issue is the need for the Flickr ID/iBob name decoder ring...

Perhaps a bit more RBW than iBob, but there's also now a Flickr Group for Bleriot Owners (and more Bleriot links here).

Other Found Oddities:

You can buy an iBob T-shirt on Cafe Press, but it is does not seem to be directly related to anything cycling.

Anti-Bob - "To know i-BOB, one must understand that which is not i-BOB. Therefore the existence of this group. It is to assist us in recognizing the non-i-BOBishness which exists in our own life, as well as that which surrounds us. Walk well the path of the Anti-BOB, for it too defines the path of the i-BOB."

I-Bob Koans

Bobbish / iBobbian Bike Shops

If you are aware of any type of iBob-centric spot on the web which is not represented here,
please send an email to cyclofiend (at) with the link. Thanks!

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