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Ross Indian - Circa 1984It's more than a bit frightening to see the stuff I'd squirrelled away over the years. I did manage to miss the obvious at some point during some move, and stripped down my collection of Fat Tire Flyers to what must have struck me as "pertinent bits" But, that was back in the days when a 14.4 kps modem was pretty high tech stuff, scanners were the stuff of dreams and hard drive space topped out in the 20-40 mb (that's megabytes) range. So, it didn't occur to me to digitize them and it certainly didn't occur to me to store them online.

Luckily, I saved a few other things, which are herewith presented. There's more, and you'll probably see this area morph and change a bit as things get pushed off into their own sections.

Right now, there's a separate section for Ibis and for Salsa. If you have things of interest, let me know!


Mountain Bike Postcard Set - "The Art of the Mountain Bike"
Braunstein/Quay Gallery


Ads from the Fat Tire Flyer

Local Bike Shops      
Ritchey Timber Comp - 1984
Village Peddler Ad - 1985
Point Reyes Bikes Ad - 1985
Village Peddler - Larkspur - 1985
They ran a similar ad in most FTF's. I really like the "rambling off-roader" feel to the photo - very different from the image these days.

Point Reyes Bikes 1985

Fisher MountainBikes      
Fisher MountainBikes Ad  - 1984
Fisher MountainBikes - "Race Them Ourselves" - 1984
This was from a single page torn out of an old FTF - date estimated by the letters on the same page.
Component Manufacturers  
Cook Brothers Racing Ad - 1985
Hite-Rite Ad - 1985
Suntour XC Series - 1985
Norba News Bits Another Rollercam Cover    
DIY Roller Cam Boot

Rollercam Boot DIY Project - 1986

The measurement on the long angle on the top left and right of the drawing (under the "D - I - Y" ) should be 2 3/4" - if you are using this page for a template, you might want to use the printer-resolution 150 dpi scan

CamKover Rollercam Boot from C&K Mfg, San Anselmo

When I was going through a file to get a higher rez version of the DIY project at left, I came across a "New Products" page in the March/April 1986 Fat Tire Flyer. This one uses a more familiar design to my eye. I remember seeing a few of these, though I'm not sure they were made by this company. Keeping crud out of your Rollercam, especially during the awkward chainstay-mounted-rear-brake perioid. I have a higher rez scan here if you need more detail.





Articles from the Fat Tire Flyer

Surgical Strike
Artifacts from the History Boxes
Breezer Headbadge
Save the Trail
Breezer Headbadge - I think I nabbed this off of a closeout list from Merry Sales Co. It still has the protective plastic on it. Still one of my favorite headbadges. This is a save the trail flyer from about 1996, according to the newspaper/letters dates on the back.    


Some Photos I had in the folders


Rockhopper 4 Lungs - May 1984, Annandel State Park, Santa Rosa, CA

Rockhopper 1984 - Ross Indian Team Member
Rockhopper 1984 - Ross Indian Team Member
Rockhopper 1984 - Some other rider Team Member


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