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"Dog Story #1"

Shortened ride, but I wouldn't have done it any other way. November 13, 2005
"Big Tires" A frightening excursion into tire-inspired rap September 25 , 2005
"Even Steven"

Result of running even gearing combos on a fixed gear June 24, 2005
"The Holy Trinity"

The cyclical nature of cycling thoughts June 27, 2005

Journal entry from 12/05 June 28, 2005
"The Big Lie"

Consistently heard untruisms June 29, 2005

"Fixed Gear Testimonial"

Written and submitted as a thanks to Sheldon for setting me on the path to fixed gears February 1, 2005
"Ashland Grind, Pt. 1" Trail ride report from Ashland, Oregon trails.
Also appears in the blog
July 7, 2006
"The E-less Raven" The contest - courtesy of Grant and the Rivendell Reader
June, September 2006
SF Randonneurs 200K - 2007 Ride Report Writeup with photos of the 2007 SF Randonneurs 200K ride.
January 27, 2007
"Web Design Notes" Wrangling/aggregating some email comments I've made regarding info presentation & web organization March 9, 2006
"Online Guidelines " Once upon a time, the "Internet" meant only text-based communications... May 15 , 2006
"Computer Recollections " A little list of unrelated computer oriented thoughts and recollections. December 31 , 2006
"Spinning Dancer " How does your brain work? April, 2008


Notes in progress
"Gear" Stuff I've used and written about  
"Routes" Route notes (work in progress)  
"Miscellanious" Odd stuff that didn't fit anywhere else  
"Bridgestone FAQ" Reproduced from the Wayback Machine  
"RBW Miscellany" Photos & stuff that appears on the RBW list but hadn't migrated to the RBW Website  
"Digital Video " Wrangling cheap digital cameras to work with Mac OSX and other fun stuff. 8/14/06
"Films & DVDs" The inevitable list of movies and DVD's I've seen. It is currently under limited progress.  
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