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Bridgestone FAQ

  1. What's the Rivendell/Bridgestone connection?
    Grant P. worked for Bstone for 10 years, design-marketing. When Bstone closed up in 1994, he started Rivendell. I know that for a fact, because I'm him.
  2. Are Rivendells the continuation of Bstone? How are they different?
    NO! Many differences! Many, even most of my design values evolved during my years at Bstone, but not all of them came to fruition there. For a number of reasons, most of which were somehow related to either manufacturing economics or using middlemen (dealers) to sell bikes (and not being sure how detailed or accurate some explanations would be).
  3. How does the geometry of an RB-1/2 compare with that of a Rivendell Road Standard?
    It depends on the year, but generally, the Rivendell has a slightly lower bottom bracket, slightly longer chainstay, slightly more clearance, and allows a higher handlebar position.
  4. Is the quality different?
    Sure. That's why Rivendells cost so much more. Bstones are/were decently made, thoroughly tested, high-end mass produced frames, with all the attributes of a mass produced frame. Nothing heinous, but the finish work was nowhere near as good, the tubing, though fine, was a lesser grade. The joints were heated more. It's like comparing a mass produced anything else with a hand-made/no compromise version.
  5. How can I tell what year it was made?
    The serial number is usually under the bottom bracket shell. If the first letter is A through G, it was made in January through July. The first number following that letter is the last number of the year. If it's a 9, you have to figure out whether it's 1989 or 1999, bearing in mind all the while that Bstone quit exporting to the U.S. in 1994. The other numbers identify the week and day it was made.
  6. How much is my Bstone worth?
    Whatever you can get for it, of course. It is NOT a priceless heirloom. Beyond its pure function, it may have some kind of value (in the used bike market) because it's no longer made. The most sought after models are the ONES: XO-, RB-, MB-, probably in that order. Don't ask us what you should ask for yours, or what you should pay, though. The MBs down to 3 or 4 are still pretty decent. The RBs down to 2. The lugged frames are Bstone-built in Japan. If it's a TIG frame, it's built in Taiwan, and the only semiprecious TIG Bstone is the MB-O.
  7. Man, I need decals for my Bstone....
    You're out of luck.
  8. My Bstone broke. Warranty?
    Bstone maintained a warranty service in the U.S. for 3 years following its closing here. If your bike broke recently, it's likely not a legitimate warranty, anyway. Time does take its toll, you know. You could try to hook up with Bstone in Tokyo, although we don't have any fax numbers or contacts. Bstone Tire is headquartered in Nashville - maybe they can help you. If you value your time, however, just write it off or get it fixed on your own.