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Koans Provided by iBob

First, of course, you must know what a koan is. Many koans are found in everyday life, most of which provide mild humor and insignificant guidance. But, within the beliefs and teachings of the iBobs, themes seem to arise which may hold deeper meaning.

Though I first referred to these questions as "iBob Catechism", it strikes me that these parables and images could provide enlightenment of a deeper sort.

- We maintain strong opinions about the need for fenders and mudflaps to make an all-weather bicycle so we have no worries in inclement conditions. Yet we choose an expensive leather Brooks saddle for which we obsessively bring a cheap plastic bag to protect from the rain.

- I have a carbon bicycle, but it has lugs which join the tubes together, and I generally wear a wool jersey while riding. I do however wear form-fitting shorts, yet, they are bibs and are black. I also generally wear white socks with no visible logos. However, the handlebars on this bike are demonstrably lower than the saddle. Am I a BOB riding an unBOBish bicycle, or does the BOBishness of my jersey meld with the aspect of lugs to create a BOBish whole?

- The gearing on every one of my bicycles is different. Not just the gearing, but the shifting elements, the number of cogs (though I seem to be increasing the number of bicycles which have only one sprocket that doesn't seem to freewheel)and the cranksets all come from different companies or from different eras. I have sought interchangeability in each bicycle system, yet the systems themselves are largely incompatible. How do I resolve this duality?

- We stress interchangeability with our components, yet many of us are incompatible with one another.

- We ride big tires with lower pressure because we are concerned more with comfort than speed. Yet, it is being shown that these larger, softer tires let us achieve greater speed. Should we increase our pressure to counteract this apparent fixation with velocity?

- If being mechanically inept makes me disgruntled, then, should I become ept, will I also be gruntled?


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