Hello Cyclofiend,

In 1999 I sold a Puegot PX-10 (Reynolds frame) for $150 when I left Philadelphia. Earlier that year I had been swindled out of an authentic Brooks Leather Saddle by Trophy Bikes, when they were near South Street--they said that the leather would get rained on and wouldn't last as long as a vinyl saddle (I was only 19).

Now, here's a Guiseppe Saronni refurbished frame. Saronni won the Giro d'Italia in 1979 and 1983 and two companies made frames with the Saronni name, Colnago and a company named Technotrat. There's no indication that this frame is made by Colnago so I assume it's a Technotrat (Brev Campagnolo is stamped on the dropouts), but it's still a unique bike frame to me. When I bought this frame it had been stripped and everything else was in a box. I only paid $80 for it and the box, which had a bunch of 1980's era Campagnolo components like cranks, brakes, headset, bottom bracket; all beautiful stuff (thanks Rick Sandstrom). The rebuild is pretty much a combo of old and new.

So I guess it all comes back around. This steel frame bike still flies around the city streets of Denver where I live. It took almost a year, from powdercoat (Spectrum Powder Works, Colorado Springs) to complete build, but it was worth the wait. This bike has classic details and its a very smooth fast ride--its so much fun! Now it's time for a 29'er one speed for the mountains.

Best wishes,

Ian Roop



Guiseppe Saronni - side view
Guiseppe Saronni - bottom bracket detail
Guiseppe Saronni - seat lug detail
Guiseppe Saronni - stem detail
Guiseppe Saronni - hub detail




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