I've decided to build a singlespeed after reading a lot about them on the internet and a friend gave an old(er) trekking/MTB bike with 28" weels . The bike was a cheap Prophete ( german brand , chinese manufacturing ) but the frame ( anodized steel ) was in good shape ( everything else an the bike wasn't ) so I stripped down the old paint an gave it a new paint job ( flat black ) and fitted some new parts : Lasco crankset ( I use the 36T cog , the large 42T is just a chainguard ), Shimano bottom bracket , Avid singledigit brakes and levers, I also put a neck adaptor on the fork ( it's 1" and I wanted to use a 1 1/8" pipe ) , BikePositive pipe , handlebars and sadle , the rear wheel has a Joytech hub , Remerx Grand rock rim ( I stripped the paint off and gave it a brushed aluminum finish ) and I used the original cassette ( I took it apart and kept only the smallest cog -14T ).




Prophette Singlespeed - nondrive side view
Prophette Singlespeed - side view
Prophette Singlespeed - rear hub setup
Prophette Singlespeed - Chain Tensioner
Prophette Singlespeed - front end details




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