Firstly, I'd like to say thanks for the great site, I check it out daily to get inspiration for my first single speed project pictured here. I'm not a great photographer so I hope the pictures I've attached make the cut.

I got this bike two years ago from a friend of mine who was too short to ride it. It is a 63cm Fuji Grand SE and he could barely touch the pedals when the seat was all the way down. I decided to turn it into a single speed because I love the simplicity of them (that and the bike liked to shift gears randomly while I was pedaling. I grew up riding BMX bikes so I've never been great at handling gears anyway). It was completely stock when I got it (including the crumbling rubber tires which were the first thing I replaced), I tried to flop and chop the original drop bars but messed up. I then bought a set of bullhorns, which were too big for the stock stem, luckily I stumbled across a sweet little Campy stem at a local bike shop. I removed the front brakes, shifting mechanisms, brake levers, and the original seat. A local shop put on the 16 tooth freewheel and re-dished the rear wheel for me. I replaced the super heavy stock pedals for a cheap set of lighter bmx pedals that miraculously fit. This has been a piece by piece conversion so it has taken me two years to get to this point.

I'm saving up for a Brooks saddle, and I'm going to get new cranks with a sealed bearing bottom bracket and a 53 tooth chain-ring, as well as a sealed bearing head set. I'm also looking for a small set of fenders, but I haven't found the right ones yet. There is a new paint job in the future but I don't know when.

I love to cruise this bike around Boise, this city is made for cycling. This bike is great for getting me to my night classes and over to friends houses or downtown at night. The bike is really fast and stable, and since I have a lanky frame myself it fits me wonderfully.

Thanks again for the awesome site, keep on pedaling

John Spurn, Boise Idaho


Fuji Grand SE - Front angle view
Fuji Grand SE - side view
Fuji Grand SE - And Two Good Dogs
Fuji Grand SE - Stem Detail
Fuji Grand SE - Chainline detail




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