The Acquisition: Picked up this beater almost 100% original for 50bucks from some girl in Williamsburg Brooklyn after someone stole my new "Maid in Tawain" Dawes ClockWork.

Take it Off: Wasn't happy with the original Simplex Shifters that came on it so I ripped them out and made it a SS.

Grand Prix: Never cared much for old bikes before this Grand Prix. In its original state everyone wanted to buy it as they said it was a classic and fun to ride - I agree but, I didn't like the derailer. The lug work is beautiful and I plan on repainting the whole bike one day with the lug work a different color for contrast.

Wheels: The Wheels are Alex Subs 700c and they came with tubes n' Tires. Very Stiff Ride if that's your thing. It's mine.

Bottom Bracket: After 35 years the bottom bracket was not smooth. I took the cotter crank out, cleaned it's housing, stripped out the old grease, replaced the bearings with 22 new 1/4" bearings (original size)

Get a Grip: I am riding NYC streets so these help me weave in and out of traffic.

Brakes: I like the Weinnman 610 center pull brakes but they bleed onto the surface of the tire since the the original rims were 27". If you know of a brake pad that is off-center let me know so I can spare my tire sidewalls the punishment.

Left Overs: I don't think I will ever make this bike original again so the derailers, rims, handlebars, brake levers

Work that needs to be done: Thinking about powder coating it if I ever get out of debt. (i doubt it). Change the seat polish. Polish the neck. Find a modern BB, crank that will fit the old Raleigh 26tpi threading.

Email: I Do Tel @ Gmail dot com. (no spaces and the dot is really a .)


Raleigh Grand Prix - side view
Raleigh Grand Prix - headbadge detail
Raleigh Grand Prix - front end detail
Raleigh Grand Prix - drivetrain detail
Raleigh Grand Prix - Cotter Pin Detail




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