This was my first fixed gear, put together in early 2001. The Steamroller's built up as a modern classic with the 'newer' lazer etched Campagnolo NR cranks, NR brakes with the first Campy levers that would allow aero routing. Dura Ace double fixed track hubs with greased 'O' rings to keep the crud out, sturdy Sun rims, a fairly low 42 x 17 gear with an 18 tooth on the flip for insurance, 32 mm Pasella's, a Brooks B-17 and Cinelli bars round it out for a pretty bulletproof ride. It's a stiff bike, but the Pasella's at 50 - 60 psi give it great comfort and reserve.

I must have done something right since it's only been slightly modified in all that time, mostly for fit, moving the seat and bars back just a couple centimeters. The common theme in these photos is dirt. I like a clean bike, but it was built for unpaved rail trail riding and rough city streets. One ride is all it takes to get it properly patina'd but it's still easy to maintain. I miss it when I don't get out on it regularly. The first photo was it's first ride, the loaded photo from a tour along the C&O Canal Trail, and the last ones contemporary to 2009. The spoke card is from the 2009 Fixed Gear Symposium in Traverse City Michigan, total fixed gear silliness and fun with a great bunch of people. This Steamroller's one of my all time favorite bikes, just a blast to ride!

Dan Artley, Baltimore (FGG #28)


Surly Steamroller - side view
Surly Steamroller - loaded and touring
Surly Steamroller - angled view
Surly Steamroller - side view




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