Here's Gina's "Milk Runner," a Nishiki Custom Sport of a certain age that she converted to 650B and has Frenchified considerably, with Belleri porteur handlebars, Bebolux guidonnet brake levers, and fluted Velo Orange fenders. The wheels and tires came from our friend Harv, who didn't want them but did want the 27" wheelset that originally graced the Nishiki. A Brooks sprung saddle--believe it's a B67--make it comfy on its shopping and errand trips. Running as a single-speed at 60 gear inches with a Shimano freewheel. Dia-Compe 610 centerpulls make it all easy. and the pedals have changed: they are now vintage rubber block platforms.

A Carradice Barley and a cheap Taiwanese basket round it out for now, but it's a work in progress.

See week-by-week photos on our Flickr site:

Eventually, there will be a chainguard, a new paint job, and possibly a double-legged propstand. Maybe even a skirtguard and dyno lighting!

But not yet....


Nishiki Custom Sport - top angle view
Nishiki Custom Sport - side view
Nishiki Custom Sport - low angle front view




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