This was a rescue bike which I saved from nearby my street in Amsterdam......it is a Gazelle Solide and the only parts that were usable are the frame, stem and the seatpost.

The frame has similar dimension to the path racers from the early 1900's so the idea was born and it was also a budget build coming in at under 350 euros.

I completely stripped the frame which was sandblasted and powder coated in a blue black colour, fitted a new bottom bracket, crankset, chain, new wheelset ( coaster brake ), tires, handlebars and saddle. The saddle is a Brooks which is so comfy, with a matching if rather small tool pouch. The handlebars are covered in matching leather which can be bought as a kit and with the aid of a few beers is very satisfying to stitch on, comfortable as well.

It is geared for around 70 inches and has a reasonable turn of speed for a bike that is fairly heavy so I use it for 20 to 30 km trips which includes stops for suitable refreshment which can range from coffee and apple pie, Italian ice cream and another beer........thirsty work cycling don't you think!

All in all I am rather happy the way my pseudo path racer has turned out.

Happy riding to you all.

Phiilip in Amsterdam, Holland.




Gazelle - rear quarter view
Gazelle - front quarter view
Gazelle - Under the Art
Gazelle - Aft detail
Gazelle - front end view




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