Its an old Raleigh Record I got from a neighbor for 35 bucks. Not sure on the year, I would assume early 80's. I came home from school for the summer and noticed a few people riding around on old road bikes they had stripped down and painted. I did some research and figured out what was going on and low and behold the old bike has a purpose. It sat in my basement for at least 4 years and who knows how long before that but it seemed to be in pretty good shape. I put new handlebars, seat, brake lever/cable, grips, tires and tubes on it. The first time I rode it it even had spider webs in the wheels still. I got a 18 tooth single speed bmx sprocket in the back and wrapped my chain around the larger of the two crank sprockets. Its still a work in progress but I wanted to post the working bike. I included both "before" and "after' pictures.

Richard from Kansas City, Missouri.



Raleigh Record - Before
Raleigh Record - Cutting the Cord
Raleigh Record - After




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