First, what a great site. I love looking at all the bikes up here and reading their stories. Well done to everyone posting and Cyclofiend.

This was my very first bike purchase when I was 14 years old in 1987. I loved to ride and saved all I could working in a construction yard and I remember the price of $420 for the 1987 Univega Viva Sport, it was my pride and joy. I remember it was the first bike I had seen that had brake cables hidden along the bar under the tape, it looked so cool, (remember I was 14, ha). Some how all these years I have been toting it around without damage and selling it. I just couldn't let it go even though I finally bought it's replacement in 1999, Raleigh R800 which I also still have and a few mtn bikes here and there. Anyway, I decided to make it a single speed and very happy I did. All Original. Rims (Ukai), frame (Univega Viva Sport - Lawee Design), seatpost, Brake Caliper (Shimano SLR), Flipped and cut handlebars, Hubs (sansin).

Updated over the years. Shimano 600 cranks, 48x16 setup, TRP Brake Levers (carbon look), Pedals (Shimano - SPD onside - platform otherside), Specialized saddle, CST 700x28 tires, shorter stem from sisters old Trek 1200. I also made my own chain tensioner since the rear wheel likes to slide forward ever so slightly even with the original steel skewers.

I've enjoyed putting this old bike together and love to just look at it as I do everyone's bikes on Cyclofiend. There's something about the simplicity of the singlespeed\fixie that brings out the beauty and heritage of bikes. I have to pick and chose when to ride because here in Florida it gets really really hot. Though many years ago this bike was purchased in a different state and has lived in many others. Now that it is a single speed here in flat Florida it will get it's second life and be ridden more than the other bikes on my rack.





Univega Viva Sport - side view
Univega Viva Sport - detail view
Univega Viva Sport - The Mark of Lawee
Univega Viva Sport - Axle Retention System
Univega Viva Sport - Front end detail




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