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This is a mostly stock 2009 Rivendell Quickbeam, the silver edition. I rode this bike across North Carolina this year. I have a 32/40 chainring set up in front and for NC, I had 21/18 flip flop hub and I replaced the 18 with a 16 for the last two days.

In addition to what it comes with out of the box, I added:
- White Industries (16/18) freewheel replaced the 18/16
- Brooks B17 Standard (should have gone for the hand hammered rivets I don't know what I could have been thinking...)
- Blue cork bar tape shellacked
- Nitto Marks front rack
- Acorn Rambo bag (this bag rocks!)
- Acorn roll bag behind the saddle
- Shimano A530 pedals
- Princeton Tec EOS front light
- Princeton Tec rear light
- SKS Fenders
- Tubus Cargo rear rack (recent addition)


Rivendell Quickbeam - side view
Rivendell Quickbeam - head on view
Rivendell Quickbeam - rear amg;e voew
Rivendell Quickbeam - angled view
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