Bleriot BrochureThe Rivendell Bleriot resulted from a partnership between RBW and Quality Bicycle Parts (QBP), one of the largest bicycle products distributors in the USA. This agreement allowed any QBP dealer (virtually any bike shop in the US) to be able to order the Bleriot frame and a build kit to make a complete 650B bicycle.

In the short time that this bicycle has been available, it has created a bit of a stir - from the folks who think "another" tire size is nutty to those who have completely embraced the idea and have a great deal of fun with it. This has led to a Bleriot Owners Group on Yahoo, as well as a Flickr Group for Bleriot photos.

Update on the Bleriot Group on Yahoo -
As of 1/09, it has morphed again to reflect the diversity of that list. It has been renamed The_BOG (Bleriot Owners' Group) at, and can be found here -

As of September, 2008, Tom L. has begun hosting a Bleriot Registry, both to assist recovery of stolen Bleriots and to help estimate the number which have been released to the wild. Instructions for adding your Bleriot can be found at

As interest developed around the 650B/584 tire size, Kirk Pacenti and others began developing mountain bike tires in that size. As of fall 2007, 650B MTB models have begun showing up. Rivendell has been working on the Bombadil, which is their version. Of course, many people seem to put in off road miles on their Bleriot.

The first Bleriot joined the Current Classics Gallery on August 14, 2006 - #145 by Frank Fulton - and many have joined since.

The large photos on this page are courtesy of the QBP online catalog, while others are from Rivendell or other super-secret spy cameras in the far east...

As of May, 2008, it was announced that the Bleriot program would be terminating. Rivendell announced that they would be bringing out a line of Taiwainese-made models in the beginning of 2009, and that they would be taking over the remaining stock of QBP's framesets to sell directly. More on the topic can be found in this post to the RBW Owner's Bunch List.

Bleriots in the Galleries - last update: November 4, 2010

#808 - Ray Shine's Rivendell Bleriot
#745 - Manuel Acosta's Rivendell Bleriot
#611 - Andrew's Rivendell Bleriot
#533 - Andy's Rivendell Bleriot 650B
#457 - Todd D'Addario's Rivendell Bleriot 650B
#383 - Samuel French's Rivendell Bleriot 650B

#338 - Gino's Rivendell Bleriot 650B

#301 - Nick Payne's Rivendell Bleriot 650B
#297 - Dave Nawrocki's Bleriot
#288 - Andrew Fatseas' Bleriot
#246 - Sean Cooper's Bleriot
#222 - David Estes' Bleriot
#209 - Khairul Ikmal's Bleriot
#176 - Carla Waugh's Bleriot
#162 - BB's Bleriot
#157 - Frank Fulton's Bleriot
#145 - Frank Fulton's Friend's Bleriot

Rivendell Bleriot Geometry Chart - RBW Owner's Bunch List Info - Yahoo Bleriot Owners Group
Bleriot Announcement in the Rivendell Reader - Bleriot Press Clippings

Panaracer Tire Company Col de la Vie spec sheet - Japanese


Bike to Work Day - 2009

Hey - what do you mean, you're mayor didn't ride to work? This one did it on a Rivendell Bleriot!

Mayor Rides to Work


Bleriot As a Model For Multi-Modal Transportation - 2009

In July of 2009, the Metro Transit in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota included these three images on their website, in the section covering use of a bicycle. Though the decals were obscured, it clearly shows a Rivendell Bleriot (with what appears to be a Nigel Smythe & Sons Country Bag) proudly being secured on the bus bike racks, as well as the bike locker system.

Certainly, the fact that QBP - a Minneapolis based company - had been working with Rivendell to bring this bicycle to market should make it no surprise that it was used in the photo shoot. (And somewhere along the way, I think someone posted on the either the RBW list or the BOG list that this was their bicycle. If so, let me know as I'd love to credit you in the photos.)

You can click on any image to see a larger version.

Metro Transit - Bleriot on the Bus Rack


Bleriot leading the way


Bike Lockering a Bleriot


Early Photos of the Bleriots - 2006

Bleriot - First Batch of Frames

Bleriot 650B Frames - painted

Bleriot - First Batch of Forks

Bleriot Forks - Drying




New blue tweed Nigel Smythe Bags shown on a Bleriot -

RBW's New Item Page

An early shot -
posted by G.P. 3/27/06



Rivendell Bleriot in the QBP Catalog



Rivendell Bleriot - complete build -side view


Rivendell Bleriot frame set.

650b wheels and a comfortable all around geometry. Classic steel lugged frame.

* Uses 650b wheels
* Fully lugged CroMoly frame
* Rivendell CroMoly fork with lugged crown, 1" threaded
* 1" threaded headset
* Seatpost diameter: 27.2mm
* Braze-on seat collar clamp
* Front derailleur clamp: 28.6mm
* BB size: 68 x 107mm, English thread
* Rear spacing: 135mm Fork

Details Steerer Tube: 1" Threaded Steerer Tube Length: Fork Rake: Axle to Crown Length: Crown Race: 26.4 Front Axle Type: 9x1 Wheel Size: 650b Front Hub Spacing: 100 mm Brake Usage F/R: Front Material: Color: Blue Mint

Frame Details Frame Size: 49 - 61cm, odd Color: Blue Mint BB Shell Width: 68 mm Seatpost: 27.2 mm Headset Type: 1" Standard Cups Brake Usage F/R: Rear BB Thread Type: English Front Derailleur Style: Traditonal Front Derailleur Cable Pull: Bottom Front Derailleur Clamp: 28.6mm (1-1/8") Rear Axle Type: 10x1 Rear Hub Spacing: 135 mm Wheel Size: 650b

Recommended Parts:
TR5109 Kenda 650b x 38mm tire *584ETRTO WE6519
Rr Deore LX M580, 32h, Velocity Synergy OC 650b WE6520
Ft Deore XT M760, 32h Velocity Synergy 650b WE6521
Rr Deore XT M760, 32h Velocity Synergy OC 650b Velocity Synergy Rims WE6518
Ft Deore LX M580, 32h, Velocity Synergy 650b


Bleriot - frame

Bleriot - headbadge
Bleriot - bb detail

Bleriot - seat cluster

Bleriot Brochure - Download

Bleriot Brochure

8/11/06 -
There's now a Bleriot Brochure!

Download here

PDF Format - 16mb


Do Yer Toes Match Yer Frame?

From a Bleriot Owners Group post:
(and this totally cracked me up...)

"A couple members have asked me to give the brand and color of the nail polish that I think will make pretty good touch up paint. DISCLAIMER...I have not tried it on my Bleriot...only on my toes.

When my toes are held up to the frame it looks pretty darn good, but you might want to try it on an inconspicuous place first.

Maybelline COLORAMA #107 'turquoise seas'

Best of luck,
Austin, TX"

Note - a more complete set of RBW touchup color references can be found here.


Bleriot Announcement - Scanned from Rivendell Reader #37 - Winter 2006

First announcement of the Rivendell Bleriot from Rivendell Reader #37 - Click on on of the pages below to see a larger image.

Comparison between Saluki and Bleriot, frame spec's, tubing differences and a story on how it all came together.

Bleriot Announcement - Click for full size

Bleriot Announcement - Click for full size

Bleriot Announcement - Click for full size
Bleriot Announcement - Click for full size

Press Clippings -

Click for a big, big, big version of this article
Nice little Industry-mag article on the RBW/QBP project


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