Here is my 1993 Bridgestone XO-1, the last of two years they were produced by Bridgestone. The size is a 52cm. The geometry on these bikes tended to fit a little on the big side as they have longer top tubes. This particular one has a 55cm top tube. I believe I am actually the third owner of this bike. I acquired this bike from Mauricio Rebolledo, a custom frame builder in Northern California (, who got this bike from a former customer who gave this bike to him because the cracked rear seatstay/canti boss was too expensive to repair. Rebolledo rebrazed the stay, replaced the canti braze-on and gave this bike to me. The seatstays were not originally tusk colored, but orange. They were painted tusk-white to match the DT color.

Since I've acquired this bike this past year, I've been riding it pretty much everywhere I go and it has gone through various modifications.

It's most current setup is as follows:

Frame: 1993 B'stone XO-1 52cm - pumpkin orange
Fork: Tange w/ Atlantis fork crown
Bars: Nitto moustache
Brakes/ levers: Avid Shorty 4's / Diacompe aero levers
Wheelset: Shimano 600 laced to Araya RM-14's / Schmidt SON28 laced to Araya RM-17
Rear/ Front Der: Shimano 7410
Cassette: Shimano HG 13-26
Crankset: Sugino GP 46x38
Shifters: Rivendell "Silver" bar end micro ratcheting frictions
Saddle: Brooks honey pro
Seatpost: SR 27.0
Stem: Salsa SUL 90 deg
Pedals: Time Atacs Tires: Panaracer Pasela / Michelin Greenies (for the one time I took her downhill riding - never again!)

Below are photos in chronological history from the day I got her till now and how she has changed over time.

William in Oakland, CA


Bridgestone XO-1 - side view

Bridgestone XO-1 - side view

Bridgestone XO-1 - Wearin' the Green


Bridgestone XO-1 - A well-balanced bicycle
Bridgestone XO-1 - racked and lighted

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