Hi, everybody.

My Bianchi Broadway is #296 on the SS forum. Sold it locally. I commented then that it was heavier than I had wanted and that it couldn't use a SS cog. Well, that has all been corrected with this 1995 Schwinn Moab. Started with Craigslist for $75.00. Bought a brand new SS crank. All other parts either on-hand or used from Ebay. Cut the shifter portion off of the levers and painted the brackets. 44/16 gearing (67.3 gear inches) is just right. I spin out at about 22 MPH on the flat and I'm able to ride (not walk) the local hills, some with great effort!

This bike weighs less than 20 lbs. (Broadway was 28.5 - What a diffrerence!). Love the handling and acceleration. Brakes with new pads are very good. I toured France and Spain with toe-clips in the early '70's (I'm 59) and have always liked them. These are MKS.

Note the weird bent chainstay. Schwinn was addressing something, not sure what (chainsuck?). Singleator wheel runs close to the chainstay, would have more clearance if chainstay were straight. Also... note the 'Gear Clamps' on the freehub. Very neat item! Allows simple, fast, perfect chainline adjustment. SRAM 850 Chain runs very quiet. Took inspiration from somebody's cork bar ends. I'm using rubber stoppers (better color coordination).

Finally, how do you like my way cool RED valve stem caps? Too bad you can't see them as I'm riding.

Love the SS scene. I recently rode the Friday Night White Rock Lake ride in Dallas. 28 riders, only one SS... me.

Thanks for the site. Great fun and very helpful.

Mark Elam



Schwinn Moab - side view
Schwinn Moab - rear angled view
Schwinn Moab - drivetrain and assymetrical chainstays
Schwinn Moab - sprocket setup detail
Schwinn Moab - front end detail




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