Hi Jim. Here is my Rivendell Quickbeam for submission to your single-speed gallery. Glad to finally be a part of the Cyclofiend collection :)

The bike has an interesting history. It originally was Rich Lesnik's. As you know, Rich builds wheels for Rivendell and has his own business called Hands on Wheels. He had converted the bike to the 650B wheel-size by having the canti posts removed and outfitting it with extra-long-reach center-pull brakes. He also had it repainted by Rick, the local painter for Rivendell. Rich wasn't using the bike much and sold me the frame, fork, and wheel set. I recently built it up in the configuration shown here. I plan to make it my daily rider, as I bike to work five days a week, as well as do a lot of running around town by bike. However, I hope to start using it as my weekend distance bike, trail bike, and at some point, my single-speed camping bike. In other words, I have great plans for this one!

Here are the build details:
- Rivendell Quickbeam frame/fork, 54cm, custom color (I'm not sure of the year: 2005? 2006?)
- Tange Levin headset
- 80mm Nitto Dynamic stem, 26.0mm
- Nitto Moustache handlebars, 25.4mm, shimmed
- Newbaum cloth bar tape, baby blue
- Japanese silver strike bell from Jitensha Studio
- Dia Compe inverse brake levers
- Dia Compe single-pivot centerpull brakes, similar to, if not exactly the same, as the Mod 750s.
- Dia Compe straddle cable hangers
- Generic aluminum barrel adjusters from Rivendell
- Kool Stop brake pads
- Jagwire Switch brake cables and housing, titanium
- Nifty Swifty tires, 584 x 32 mm
- Velocity Synergy (650B) rims
- Phil Wood front hub with Shimano QR skewer
- Rivendell-special Suzue free/free rear hub with Suzue QR skewer
- White Industries INO double freewheel, 16/19-teeth
- Rockwerks 16-tooth fixed cog and FSA right-threaded bottom bracket lockring (not installed yet)
- Velo Orange Grand Cru bottom bracket, 103mm spindle
- Origin8 41-tooth chainring, 130bcd
- Sugino RD2 crank arms, 165mm
- MKS Sylan Lite pedals
- MKS toe clips
- Ale toe straps, off-white
- Kalloy Laprade seatpost
- Velo Orange Model 6 saddle

Forthcoming changes:
- I'll probably switch tires to either Col de la Vies or Hetres, for trail-riding.
- I'll pick up some SKS fenders before the wet-weather commute season.
- Lights, lights, lights. I'll probably get another B&M Cyo front light to pair with a 650B wheel outfitted with a Shimano generator hub that I already own. I may try to mount the light via the front brake bolt.
- I have a Carradice Pendle and a Bagman Sport Quick Release support that I may use with this bike.
- Right now I have the bike geared at 41x16 (66 gear inches) and 41x19 (56 gear inches). I may switch to a larger chainring if I find myself getting stronger (ha!).
- Currently resisting the notion of twine and shellac, but I've lost that fight many a time.
- Finally, I may switch to road brake levers and the traditional Moustache bar brake-placement if I find myself riding in the "hooks" most of the time.

Take care,

Lee C.
San Francisco, CA


Rivendell Quickbeam - side view
Rivendell Quickbeam - front angled view
Rivendell Quickbeam - rear angled view
Rivendell Quickbeam - forward view
Rivendell Quickbeam - rear brake detail



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