When I got into racing last year I began on a mountain bike converted to singlespeed. Although I got my butt kicked in every race, I had so much fun that I knew immediately I would race singlespeed no matter what, even if it meant a very short racing career as a result. I enjoyed my first full season of racing on the bike, nicknamed "Stompy" by Cyclofiend himself. This year, needing a frame that more closely approximated my goal of a "BMX bike for Big People", I upgraded to a Redline Monocog. With its shorter wheelbase, straight fork and dedicated singlespeed rear hub and rear triangle, I knew I was headed in the right direction. It's easily a pound or two heavier than my previous bike, but fits and handles better enough that the weight doesn't bother me. Yet.

Here's Stompy, Version 2.0

The gunmetal-blue paint job was a little too somber for my tastes so I decided to have fun and dress it up in some party clothes.

Upgrades from the stock parts include:

--Misfit Psycles FU2-Bar (swapped over from the previous bike; bought them new and they're worth every penny).
--Vintage Coda brake levers I'd been saving for a rainy day.
--Hot pink brake housing, 12-year-old stock from the shop where I work. (I wish I could find a source for lined hot pink housing today!)
--Portland Design Works Speed Metal grips (a gift from a friend).
--Crank Bros. 5050XX platform pedals (sealed bearing version of the 5050's; I destroyed the cheaper loose bearing version by the end of short-track season last summer), with optional pink plates and every hole loaded with a pin (I race in Vans for short-track and Shimano mountain bike shoes with the cleat-holes covered for 'cross).
--San Marco Womens' Aspide "Glamour" saddle (it's so light I worry I'll break it before the summer's over).
--Truvativ Stylo cranks with GXP external bottom bracket and Surly chainring (32t). I was shocked at how much weight this one upgrade shaved off, even with the steel chainring.
--Surly cassette cog (I have a set of these ranging from 16t to 22t depending on the conditions and how I feel; I keep them filed in a recipie box, and they're easy to swap in and out as needed at races)
--Upgraded front brake to Avid Shorty 4 canti's. Upgraded rear brake to Shimano STX low-profile cantis. (I'd run the Avids front and rear if I could but my feet are just too big.)
--I'm rolling with the stock wheels for now. If I win the lottery I'll spring for a set of Chris King "Pretty And Strong" hubs in pink.
--For pre-season street riding and local goofing around I'm riding on some Club Roost Cross Terra tires; for racing I'll swap in Continental Cross Country tires that are skinny (26 x 1.5) but grabby in dirt and mud.

Last photo is just for fun: This is what I rode when I was eleven; can you see the influence?



Redline Monocog - side view
Redline Monocog - gearing detail
Redline Monocog - pedals and cranks
Redline Monocog - Pink
Beth's First Serious Singlespeed




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